Pixie-Bob Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Pixie-Bob is a medium to large domestic cat that resembles the North American Bobcat. These are loving, gentle cats despite their appearance.

Pixie-Bob Appearance: 

Pixie-Bob cats are medium to large sized cats weighing 8-20 pounds (3.6-9.1 kg). These are muscular cats with heavy boning, heavy muscular, slightly longer back legs than front and a bobbed tail of course.

The fur of Pixie-Bob cats is soft, thick and weather resistant. It is generally comes in shades of brown and is a spotted tabby with mascara marking around the eyes. PixieBob cats come in both a longhair and a shorthair version. These cats can take up to four years to fully mature. 

These cats are known for polydactylism, which is when a cat has more than five toes. 

Pixie-Bob cats have a lifespan of 13-16 years.

Pixie-Bob Temperament: 

Pixie-Bob cats are loving and loyal companions. They get along with the whole family and are highly social. They love to take walks with their owners and can be leash trained. They tend to follow their people around the house. 

These cats rarely meow, but they do chirp, chatter, and occasionally growl. 

Other: This breed is recognized by TICA and ACFA.
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