Norwegian Forest Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Norwegian Forest Cat (a.k.a. Wegie or skogkatt in Norway) is a natural breed from northern Europe and the national cat of Norway. They are large, affectionate cats with strong claws that make them great climbers, reportedly they can even climb rocks.

Norwegian Forest Appearance: 

Norwegian Forest cats are large weighing 9-20 pounds (4.1-9.1 kg). These cats have a double layer of fur. The outer layer is long, glossy and water resistant, while the undercoat is a thick woolen layer. Norwegian Forest cats’ coat has britches on its hind legs, a collar around the neck and tufted paws and ears. 

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a sturdy, well muscled cat, with a plumed tail. They have slightly longer back legs than front. Their coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and a wide variety of eye colors, including odd-eyed (one eye having a different color than the other). 

These cats take up to five years to mature. 

Norwegian Forest cats have a lifespan of 14-16 years.

Norwegian Forest Temperament:  

Norwegian Forest cats are naturally inquisitive, exploring every nook and cranny. They are also great climbers with strong claws, so providing a tree for them to exercise this skill is a great idea. 

Friendly and personable the Norwegian Forest Cat is generally not a lap cat. These cats have a moderately high energy level. They attach to the whole family, but are leery of strangers at first. They also get along well with dogs and kids. 

Other: This is a very old breed likely going back to the Vikings where they worked on farms and ships eliminating rodents. 

This breed is recognized by all major organizations.
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