Maine Coon Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat, sometimes weighing in at over 20 pounds (9 kg). They are the native cat of Maine and are the state cat of Maine.

Maine Coon Appearance

Maine Coon cats are large cats weighing 10 to 20 pounds (4.5-10kg). They have thick shaggy hair that has a silky satin undercoat and a guard layer. Their fur is water resistant. They have bushy tails, a ruff around their neck and britches on their legs. Maine Coon cats come in almost every color and pattern, however most are brown tabby. Similarly, they can have almost any eye color.

These cats are strong, well muscled, with medium legs and well tufted large round paws that work as snow shoes in the cold, snowy Maine winters.

Maine Coon cats often have ringed tails, which is where the “coon” part of their name comes from. There is a legend that they are the result of a cross between a raccoon and domestic cat, which is genetically impossible. 

Maine Coon cats can take 3 to 5 years to reach maturity.

Maine Coon cats have a lifespan of 9-15 years. 

Maine Coon Temperament: 

Maine Coon cats are known as the gentle giants. They are affectionate to their family, but can be a bit standoffish to strangers. They love to follow their owners around, but are more likely to sit next to you than in your lap. 

They love to play, including fetch and are playful well into adulthood. The males are known to be more clownish than the females. They will play in water. Not surprisingly they are excellent mousers, which was part of why they were valued as farm and ship cats. 

Other: Maine Coon cats were described as far back as 1801. They are a naturally occurring breed. 

This breed is recognized by all major organizations.
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