LaPerm Cat: Facts & Trivia

The LaPerm cat has curly hair like they just received a perm. Thisis the result of a natural mutation that is dominate and gives these cats their distinctive appearance.

LaPerm Appearance

LaPerm cats are medium sized cats weighing 5 to 10 pounds (2.3-4.5kg). They come in long hair and short hair versions, both with loose curls. Their fine silky hair can be in any color or pattern, however tortoiseshell, tabby, and red are the most common. Their fur may part naturally along the back. 

Kittens may be born bald, with straight hair or curly, however they get their curls as they mature. This fact is noted on their pedigree by the initials BB (Born Bald), BS (Born Straight), BC (Born Curly) to help breeders track the genetics. 

LaPerm cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years. 

LaPerm Temperament: 

LaPerm cats are active, but also enjoy sitting on your lap or on your shoulders. They are people oriented and will follow your around the house and are known for causing a little mischief by getting into cupboards with their agile paws.

LaPerm cats enjoy playing fetch and can be taught tricks. They are easy going cats that rarely vocalize unless they have something important to say. 

Other: This breed is recognized not recognized by GCCF, ACFA, CFA, and TICA.
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