Cornish Rex Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Cornish Rex has short, soft, extremely curly hair that is the result of a natural mutation. Because of its lack of fur, the Cornish Rex often feels hot to the touch.

Cornish Rex Appearance: 

Cornish Rex cats are small cats weighing 6-10 pounds (2.7-4.5 kg). These cats are devoid of all guard hair and only have an undercoat. They come in almost all colors and patterns.Their back legs are longer than their front legs. 

Cornish Rex cats reach maturity from 18 months to 3 years. They are said to have egg shaped heads.

Cornish Rex cats have a lifespan of 11-15 years.

Cornish Rex Temperament: 

Cornish Rex cats are very active and will follow their owners all over the house. They love attention, will play fetch, and can be taught tricks. They are also masters at breaking into cupboards.

These cats are highly vocal with a voice that can be sweet or strident depending on their mode. They are known to steal food from the dinner table to get attention. 

Cornish Rex cats are sometimes known as the greyhounds of cats.

Other: This breed is recognized by all major organizations.
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