American Curl Cat: Facts & Trivia

The American Curl is known for and named for its curled ears that give it a permanently inquisitive look. This is a new breed, first appearing in the United States the 1990s.

American Curl  Appearance

The American Curl is a medium sized cat, weighing 5-10 pounds (2.2-4.5 kg). There are both long and short haired Curls. The long hair version has a fluffy, elegant, plumed tail. 

The curl of the ears is the result of a natural mutation. American Curls are cross bred with a variety of other breeds to encourage a large, diverse, genetic pool. As a result, Curls come in almost any color or pattern. 

The kittens are born with straight ears. The ears begin to curl back within 2-10 days of birth, but are not fully formed until about 4 months. 

American Curl Personality: 

The American Curl is a moderately active and affectionate cat and that loves to sit on their owner’s lap or nuzzle them. They have a well balanced temperament are very tender and love being caressed. 

This cat enjoys taking a walk with their owner. They are inquisitive, good with kids, and friendly with strangers. Many Curls enjoy playing fetch. They are also known for being able to open door knobs. 

Other: This cat is recognized by TICA, CFA, AACE and others. 
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