Turkish Van Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Turkish Van cat is nicknamed the ‘swimming cat’. They are all white with spots of color on their head and tail, which is called the Van pattern. This is a highly active, large cat with a cashmere coat.

Turkish Van Appearance: 

Turkish Van cats are muscular, large cats weighing 10-20 pounds (4.5-9.1 kg). These cats are unusual in having no undercoat, which makes their coat highly water resistant, shinny and has the feel of cashmere. The color markings come in red and brown. Turkish Van cats have blue or amber eyes or one of each. 

These cats have a bushy, squirrel like tail that adds to their unique appearance.

Turkish Van cats have a lifespan of 12-17 years.

Turkish Van Temperament: 

Turkish Van cats are highly active and great jumpers. Expect them to be at the highest point in the room. These energetic cats don’t have time to worry about your precious knickknacks and pictures, so be sure to cat proof your house with them around. These cats are more likely to show you their affection by following you around than sitting in your lap. 

Turkish Van cats do not like to be confined and will struggle free if you try to hold them for a long period of time. For this reason, they may not be the best choice for young children. These cats are known to play in water, even jumping into a pool or lake for a swim.

Other: This breed is recognized by CFA, FIFe, CAA, TICA and other organizations.
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