Cat Personality Test

(Answer these 10 simple multiple choice questions to find out your cat personality)

What is your gender?

1) How would you describe yourself in social situations?

2) Would you rather:

3) Which of these best describes you:

4) Would you prefer to drink:

5) Which of these best describes your ideal vacation:

6) If you were a car, what would you be (pick closest answer):

7) Which of these meals sounds the best8

8) What is your favorite competitive sport to watch:

9) What kind of movies do you like:

10) Determine which of these statements apply to you:

I) I prefer opera to heavy metal

II) I prefer snowy days to sunny days and forests over deserts

III) I prefer calico cats over black cats except around Halloween, sports cars over SUVs and warm colors over cool colors

IV) I prefer Apple cellphones and short skirts and tennis over soccer (football) and English over Russian but think people who say “maths” are not speaking English and should be beaten within an inch, not a centimeter of their life