Do Balinese Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Balinese cats are highly intelligent, opinionated and demand attention from their owners. They will get along with most dogs, as well ... Read More

Do American Shorthair Cats Get Along With Dogs?

merican Shorthair cats are sturdy and easy going. They get along well with other pets and most dogs. American Shorthair cats variety ... Read More

Do American Curl Cats Get Along With Dogs?

American Curl cats are moderately active, intelligent and get along with kids, strangers and friendly dogs. American Curl cats are mos... Read More

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Cat Breeds


The Pixie-Bob is a medium to large domestic cat that resembles the North America... Read More


The Ragamuffin is a large, fluffy cat that goes limp when held. The Ragamuffin ... Read More


The Ragdoll is a large, fluffy, docile cat that goes limp when held. The Ragdol... Read More

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue (a.k.a. Archangel Blues) is a striking cat with an long, svelte... Read More

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