Do American Bobtail Cats Get Along With Dogs?

American Bobtail cats are fearless, but also incredibly laid back. While your American Bobtail is unlikely to develop a close relation... Read More

Do Abyssinian Cats Get Along With Dogs?

yssinian cats are known to be one of the most dog friendly breeds. Because they are highly actively and not lap cats, they are always ... Read More

Cat Marking (Spraying)

Cats can mark by rubbing against things, spraying, and even defecating on items they want to claim. If your cat is spraying all of the... Read More

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Cat Breeds


The Javanese is the result of cross breeding Balinese, Colorpoint, and Siamese c... Read More


The Korat (pronounced ko-RAHT) is a naturally occurring breed from Thailand best... Read More

Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail cat is a naturally occurring breed from the Kuril islands o... Read More

Dragon Li

The Li Hau (pronounced lee-wah) is the oldest natural breed of domestic cats fro... Read More

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