Do American Bobtail Cats Shed?: How to Reduce Cat Hair and Dander

American Bobtail cats have two lengths of fur, a shorter soft, downy layer and a medium length stiffer layer. Unfortunately, all cats ... Read More

Do Abyssinian Cats Shed?: How to Reduce Cat Hair and Dander

Abyssinian cats are know for their ticked fur. Ticked fur is banding of colors along the length of the hair. This gives Abyssinian ca... Read More

Do Turkish Van Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Turkish Van cats are always busy. While they like to follow their owners around, they do not like to be held for long. A Turkish Van ... Read More

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Cat Breeds


The Siberian cat is a landrace variety (an animal that has been selectively bree... Read More


The Singapura cat is the smallest of the domestic cats. They are extremely shor... Read More


The Somali cat is a long haired version of the Abyssinian. They are very active... Read More


The Sphynx cat is hairless with large ears, and an even bigger personality. The... Read More

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